Acadia Capital Solutions was founded by a team of seasoned finance and insurance professionals with years of experience analyzing and optimizing the profitability and capital constraint issues associated with selling and managing life, annuity and health insurance products.

Rather than giving guidance and impractical consulting advice, Acadia offers plug-and-play solutions to improve portfolio profitability and capital utilization through its Balance Sheet Optimizer platform.

Since 1997, our founders have been optimizing the balance sheets and income statements of life and annuity carriers – both internally and externally.  Our experience, coupled with deep relationships with highly regarded global financial institutions and AA and AAA-rated reinsurance providers enables us to help our clients better manage compensation costs and related capital constraints.

We help life and annuity carriers optimize their balance sheets and improve their income statements by delivering proven alternatives for how they recognize selling expenses and intangible assets while improving capital management, GAAP profitability and Stat profitability.  The Acadia Balance Sheet Optimizer reduces your non-earning DAC assets and minimizes statutory capital strain, improving GAAP and Stat earnings and operating flexibility.  We generally demonstrate GAAP profitability increases of 50 to 150 basis points and improve emergence of profits.